Welcome to the Transportation Department

  • In New York State 2.3 million students transported to school each day by a school bus. There are 50,000 school bus drivers and bus attendant/monitors transporting students in New York. Eastchester UFSD transports around 2,400 students to and from school each day. Students are transported five in district buildings and more than 30 non-public schools.  The Transportation Department currently employs nine school bus attendants.

    The goal of the Transportation Department is to provide a safe and economical transportation system for District students, and to adapt the system to the demands of the instructional program.


    How Transportation Works

    Transportation will automatically be arranged each year for all students who attend Eastchester Schools (Waverly, Greenvale, Anne Hutchinson, Eastchester Middle School, Eastchester High School) and who are eligible for transportation.

    Transportation for students new to the District will be established once the student is registered. It takes 3-5 days for transportation to be finalized. Parents will be contacted by a representative from the Transportation Department once busing is assigned. 

    Eligibility for transportation is based on mileage. This distance is measured from the legal residence of a child to his/her school of attendance.  Students are eligible for transportation if they meet the following mileage requirements:

    • Grades K-1: 0.25 miles or greater
    • Grades 2-5: 0.40 miles or greater
    • Grades 6-12: 0.80 miles or greater

    Mileage is measured from the nearest roadway closest to the center point of the student’s parcel to the center of the driveway (bus loop) in front of the building entrance of the school of attendance. Please refer to the Transportation Policy for more information on measurements. A complete copy of the District’s Transportation Policy is available here*.

    School bus routes will be reviewed and established annually. Busing information for students will be available in Home Access for Parents by the third week of August, preceding the beginning of the next school year.  Please make sure to check Home Access for bus information in August.


  • Contact

    Nicole Dolce

    Supervisor of Transportation


    (914) 793-6130 ext. 4280


    Ripalda Arena

    Transportation Assistant


    (914) 793-6130 ext. 4444