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    Technology Vision Statement 

    The Eastchester Union Free School District envisions technology as an integral component of student outcomes. Eastchester students leverage technology tools and resources to: 

    • engage in the analysis and authentication of information and data; 
    • explore new and non-traditional ideas;
    • explain, strategize, and plan long term outcomes;
    • elaborate and collaborate to achieve goals; 
    • evaluate their environment to adapt and recover when things do not go according to plan. 

    For Students: Through early explicit instruction, students build technological fluency, giving them the knowledge, skills, and confidence to embrace innovation, creativity and problem solving with a resilient mindset.  As students grow into productive learners through inquiry and experimentation, technology tools encourage academic risk taking, provide real-time feedback, create a non-threatening environment for practice, and assist students in the articulation of their own thoughts. 

    For Staff: Eastchester staff utilize and implement technology-facilitated/enriched learning activities that are purposefully designed to balance the existing curriculum with individual student choice, agency, and creativity. In addition, technology is employed as a data collection resource that allows staff as practitioners to inform their instructional decision-making and the differentiation of instruction. Through this differentiation, educational opportunities are provided for each student to flourish and to follow their passions, academics and otherwise.  

    For the District: The district promotes and supports a shared decision-making model around technology that embraces stakeholder input and feedback, optimizes community knowledge and partnerships, and invests in the most impactful resources to ensure reliable and universal access to technology and support. In support of its staff members, Eastchester offers substantive, consistent, time-sensitive professional development that meets the on-going needs of its stakeholders and honors best practices.