Is there a cutoff for registration?

    Students may register throughout the year as long as they are or have become an Eastchester resident.


    Is there an age cutoff for kindergarten registration?

    Yes. Students must turn 5 years of age by December 1st of the school year in which they wish to enroll.


    How do I enroll my child if I am not a resident of Eastchester?

    Eastchester Union Free School District (EUFSD) does not accept non-resident, tuition-paying students. 


    If both parents share equal custody and one parent is a EUFSD resident, can my child register in EUFSD?

    Yes if your custody papers indicate you share 50/50 physical custody.


    How do I get bus transportation for my child?

    The transportation department is informed once you complete the registration process. If your address is eligible for the bus you will be notified of the bus information.


    What time does school begin? End?

    Individual school start and end times can be found on the individual school website.


    Does EUFSD offer before-school or after-school care?

    EUFSD does not offer before or after-school care. There are many private organizations locally that do provide this service.


    How do I know which elementary school my child will attend?

    If unsure, contact the registrar with the address in question.


    What forms will I need to enroll my child?

    • The completed application

    • Proof of the child's birthdate, in the form of a birth certificate, passport or other

      document as agreed upon with the registrar.

    • Proof of the child’s immunization record

    • Proof of a medical well exam within the last year.

    • Proof of a dental well exam within the last year

    • Government-issued photo ID for the registering parent (drivers license, passport)

    • Last report card or progress report if the child is entering grade 1 or higher,

      translated to English if in any other language

    • IEP or 504 already in place


    What forms will I need to enroll my child? Continued...

    Any custody papers concerning the child.

    • Homeowners:
      • current real estate or school tax bill from the town or a deed or share certificate,(for Condo/Co Op)

      • 2 utility bills or a maintenance bill and a utility bill or payroll/earnings statement.

    • Renters:
      • a fully executed lease

      • 2 utility bills or a utility bill and a payroll/earnings statement


    Do I need to show originals or copies of the required documents?

    Originals can be scanned or photographed and uploaded with the online enrollment or originals brought to a registration appointment where electronic copies will be made and your originals will be returned to you.


    Can I tour the school before I register?

    No, the EUFSD does not offer tours of any of its buildings.


    Who do I contact to begin the registration process?

    For online registration you may access our website at www.eufsdk12.org and click the FOR FAMILIES tab and click on Student Enrollment - Registrar. The registrar is responsible for registrations for all grades.


    If I move out of Eastchester during the school year can my child remain until June?

    Remaining in the Eastchester schools after moving out of the district requires the School Superintendent's approval; based upon school board policy.


    How do I register my child with special needs?

    The same online registration process applies to all children. You will need to sign a form allowing EUFSD to access your child’s IEP electronically if you have an IEP through another school district.


    How do I get free lunch for my child?
    You can submit a copy of your child's Medicaid card or a copy of the first 2 pages of your most current SNAP letter.