• State Guidelines for Masking and Distancing- updated timeline

    September 21. 2011 FAQ from Westchester County Department of Health, the local agency interfacing with schools regarding contact tracing and state guidance

    September 2, 2021 guidance from the New York State Department of Health, the state agency issuing primary guidance regulations districts must follow

    On August 27, 2021, school district received the following directive from the New York State Department of Public Helath:

    "Effective immediately, in accordance with the Commissioner's Determination issued pursuant to 10 NYCRR 2.60, any person over the age of 2 (including all students, personnel, teachers, administrators, contractors, and visitors) must wear masks at all times indoors in P-12 school buildings, regardless of vaccination status. People with medical or developmental conditions that prevent them from wearing a mask may be exempted from mask requirements, as documented by a medical provider. People do not need to wear masks when eating, drinking, singing, or playing a wind instrument; when masks are removed for these purposes, individuals must be spaced six feet apart. All mask requirements must be applied consistently with any state and federal law (e.g., Americans with Disabilities Act)."

    Earlier in August of  2021:

    The New York State Education Department issued the following Health and Safety Guidance for the 2021-22 School Year, which is modeled after guidance from the Center for Disease Control. 

    In July of 2021, the Eastchester Board of Education created the following Goal Statement:

    To ensure that Eastchester Schools return to operation as closely to pre-Covid conditions as safely, and as quickly as possible. As such we intend to:

    • Open schools in person on a 5 day per week schedule, without options for remote or hybrid type instruction.
    • Have transportation, athletics, and after school clubs and activities offered under ‘as close to normal’ conditions as they have in the past, prior to Covid restrictions.

    That said, we recognize that Guidance, Recommendations and Mandates by various federal, state, and local governmental agencies are ever changing, and will continue to evolve as conditions in the general population on national, state, and local levels change. While we recognize the difference between Guidelines, Recommendations, and Mandates, we intend to weigh all information available, with the overriding goal of minimizing the possibilities of quarantines for students and staff.