• Absences

    Parents should report absences daily before 9 a.m.

    Calling the Attendance Clerk, Mrs. Sacchinelli, 793‑6130, extension 4271 or email emsattendance@eufsdk12.org


    New York State Law defines the following as legal student absence: 

    • personal illness or illness of a family member that requires the student to remain at home to assist
    • Death in immediate family
    • Required court appearance
    • Required religious obligation

    On the first day back to school from an absence, students must bring a written explanation of the absence, signed by a parent or guardian, to the Attendance Clerk in the main office. Failure to bring in a timely written excuse results in an illegal absence being recorded on the report card.

    Missed Work and Extended Absences

     Students are responsible to obtain all work that is missed and make arrangements to make up any tests or quizzes. If a student will be out for three or more days, in addition to reporting the daily absence, a parent or guardian should contact the EMS main office via this email address: mshomework@eufsdk12.org to make arrangements for obtaining assignments. 

    *Missed work can only be provided for legal absences as defined above by the New York State Education Department. 

    Early Dismissal

    A note from a parent or guardian is needed in advance of a student leaving school early. The note should be given to the main office. Students must be picked up by parents/guardians at the EHS main entrance. 


    Late Arrival

    If a student is late to school, they must enter through the EHS main entrance and report to the EMS main office immediately upon arrival at school. The student must provide a note from a parent or guardian explaining the lateness. Repeated incidents of late arrivals to school without a valid note and/or excuse may be assigned detention.