• Coming soon... Digital Equity Survey October 29, 2021
    The Eastchester Union Free School District (EUFSD) is required by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) to collect data related to student internet and digital device access at home. EUFSD and SED are committed to digital equity for every student enrolled in our school system and across the state. The district’s participation in the 2021 Digital Equity Survey will also allow EUFSD to qualify for additional technology funding from the state when available. 

    Your participation is important!

    Here’s what you need to know:

    • Starting october 29th, the survey will be emailed to you with a link for each child in your household. It is important that you open the link and complete a survey for each child attending EUFSD schools. 
    • Watch for an email coming from eufsdtechhelp@eufsdk12.org. With the subject line “2021 Digital Equity Survey”.
    • The survey is only eleven questions and takes about 1 minute to complete.
    • The survey will be emailed to you again if it is not completed for each child attending EUFSD schools.
    • Before filling out the survey, you may need your Child/s student ID to verify the information that has been auto populated in the form. This information can be found in the eSchool Plus Home Access Center Portal for Parents.  EUFSD Web Page for Home Access Center

    Survey FAQ information and question clarification:

    Digital Equity FAQ and Question Clarification

    What is the Digital Equity Survey required by New York State Education Department?
    Collecting accurate data regarding digital resource access for our New York students will greatly help educators to better serve their students and families. In order to accomplish this, the New York State Education Department is asking parents or guardians to complete a Digital Equity survey (for each student in the family) in grades Kindergarten – Grade 12. This survey will provide information on student access to devices and internet access in their places of residence. 

    Additonal Resources about the Digital Equity Survey

    New York State Education Department

    Thank you for your time and cooperation.