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    Susan Chester, K-12 Supervisor of Humanities
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    Curriculum Overview
    Eastchester teachers develop curricula at each grade level aligned to the NYS K-12 Social Studies Framework.  The Framework includes essential content as well as literacy skills, and discipline specific skills such as identifying relationships, understanding context, sourcing, and civic action.  Please visit this site for additional information: 

    Elementary Social Studies, K-5
    Grade K:  My Self and Others
    Grade 1:  My Family and Other Families, Now and Long Ago
    Grade 2:  My Community and Other Communities
    Grade 3:  Communities Around the World
    Grade 4:  New York State and Local History and Government
    Grade 5:  The Western Hemisphere

    Middle School Social Studies, 6-8
    Grade 6:  The Eastern Hemisphere
    Grade 7:  History of the United States and New York State I
    Grade 8:  History of the United States and New York State II

    High School Social Studies, 9-12
    Grade 9:  Global History and Geography I
    Grade 10:  Global History and Geography II*
    Grade 11:  United States History and Government*
    Grade 12:  Particpation in Government/Economics
    *course culminates in a NYS Regents Examination

    High School Course Offerings:
    Global History & Geography 9, Global History & Geography 9 Honors
    Global History & Geography 10, AP World
    US History & Government 11, AP US History
    Economics & Government 12, AP US Government & Politics
    AP European History