• District of Location Services/Parentally Placed Students


    If you reside within the Eastchester School District and privately send your child to a school outside of the Eastchester School District, the district where the nonpublic school is located (District of Location) is responsible for the special education services for your child. This includes evaluations and the development of an individualized education service plan (IESPs). The District of Location is also responsible to conduct the Committee on Special Education (CSE) meetings and provide special education services.

    Please take the following information into consideration:

    If you have placed your child in a nonpublic school and you suspect that your child has a disability, you must contact the school district where the nonpublic school is located (District of Location) and request an evaluation. 

    If your child has an existing IEP and is going to be placed by you in a nonpublic school and wish your child to receive special education services while enrolled in that school, you must request those services in writing no later than June 1 before the school year in which services are to be provided. The exception to this is only when the student is first classified after June 1st. 

    Transportation requests from your child's home to the nonpublic school should continue to be submitted to the school district where your child legally resides by April 1 of the school year before transportation is to be provided.