•  Board of Education Goals



    1. Create a goal-setting plan, building off the Superintendent’s Entry Plan; work with the administrative team to establish measurable goals that continue to move the District forward.
    2. Develop and implement a safety and security improvement plan to provide stable and secure educational facilities where students and staff can thrive. Multi-year goal. [Facilities and Safety; Audit and Finance; and Community Relations Committees]
    3. Launch a strategic planning process under the supervision of the Superintendent. Engage community stakeholders to move toward the development a District Strategic Plan. Multi-year goal. [Facilities and Safety; Education; Technology; Audit and Finance; Policy; and Community Relations Committees]
    4. Review updates regarding the work of the new Supervisors in STEM and Humanities; evaluate and monitor how the new roles contribute to the horizontal and vertical alignment of curriculum and the creation of new educational opportunities. Ensure the Supervisors are supported and professionally developed. Multi-year goal. [Education Committee]
    5. Review developments in Guidance under the leadership of the new Supervisor of Guidance, focusing on enhancements in services related to educational program selection, career planning, college application and selection, mental health and wellness, and counseling and outreach to students and families. Multi-year goal. [Education Committee]
    6. Create a culture that makes the BOE more accessible to students and student groups. [Community Relations and Education Committees]