• Welcome to Eastchester Schools!

    PLEASE BE ADVISED: Appointments are required to visit our schools by calling the school office in advance.

    • Please have your ID ready. Visitors without ID will not be allowed to enter.
    • All visitors must answer several screening questions related to COVID-19. 


    1. Ring the bell.
    2. Through the intercom, security will ask for your name and appointment details.
    3. You will wait outside while security verifies this information. 

    Thanks for your patience!

    1. When your appointment is verified, security will collect your ID through the door.
    2. Security will run your ID through our visitor management system
    3. Once cleared through our system, security will admit you and provide you a visitor’s badge or ID sticker. 
    4. Please clearly display this badge or ID sticker throughout your visit.
    5. At the end of your visit, you must sign out and return your badge or ID sticker at the security desk.

    If your experience does not align with this procedure, please immediately report this issue to the main office so that we can ensure optimum safety and security.