• Administrators and Department Chairs

    Dr. Jeffrey Capuano, Principal

    Mr. Joe DiMaio, Assistant Principal

    Ms. Susan Chester, Supervisor of Humanities K-12

    Ms. Irene Iannuzzi, Supervisor of STEM K-12

    Mr. Brad Gitlin, Director of Athletics, Physical Education and Health

    Ms. Rachel Sydlowski, Art Chairperson

    Mr. Bryan Johnson, English Chairperson

    Ms. Erin Glindmyer, Mathematics Chairperson

    Mr. Mark Dodge, Music Department Chair, Grades 9-12

    Mr. Robert Ross, Science Chairperson

    Mr. Mike Boyle, Social Studies Chairperson

    Ms. Gianna Fleischmann, Special Education Chairperson

    Ms. Karina Barrera, World Language Chairperson