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Dr. Jeffrey Capuano

Dear Eastchester High School Community,

Emblazoned on the school seal of Eastchester High School are three Latin words: scientia (knowledge), fortitudo (moral courage), and sapientia (wisdom).

These words are our tradition, our guide, and our ultimate goal.

Scientia- Scholarship is our primary focus. Eastchester High School offers 25 Advanced Placement courses and courses for college credit as well as a very robust elective program allowing students to explore areas of interest in the performing arts, fine arts, and business. Collectively, our students take hundreds of AP exams yearly with consistently significantly higher success rates than their counterparts both globally and in New York State. Our graduates go to fine schools because they made the most of their high school education. As a result of our programming and student industry, our school has been regularly recognized by Newsweek as one of America’s “Top High Schools” in the nation. We are proud of the program we provide each of our students and are excited about their future possibilities.

Fortitudo- Moral courage, or character, is also a seminal objective. While we want our students to gain access to the best universities in the country and become leaders in their chosen professions, without character, true success in life is not attainable. Although character development occurs in each of our classes, it is also fostered through our many extracurricular activities and athletic teams. We offer over 30 clubs and 35 athletic teams for our students to choose from. Classes, athletics, and extracurricular clubs and activities reinforce the concepts of discipline, work ethic, persistence, honesty, kindness, selflessness, teamwork, and service to community.

Sapientia- Wisdom, the last word on our seal, combines the concepts of knowledge (scholarship) and character, allowing our students to build a foundation on which to make wise decisions.

Everything we do, academically, athletically, and artistically at Eastchester High School must revolve around the primary objectives of scholarship, character, and a lifetime of wise choices.

We are excited to welcome you and look forward to working with you through the school year. Please know that I am always available to answer your questions and welcome your call.

In pursuit of excellence
Dr. Capuano