• Activities Handbook

    Graciously completed by C. Cimons (’16) and updated

    Eastchester High School offers many opportunities to explore interests through after school clubs and activities. Extra-curriculars can be the difference between an ordinary high school experience and an extraordinary one. Most people say that clubs are a benefit because they “look good on your resume.” But, it only looks good if you invest time and passion into clubs you enjoy. The most important reason colleges look at your extra-curricular activities is because it adds to your academic transcript in a more personal way—it defines and differentiates you. But there are plenty of other reasons to join clubs. Here is what others have to say about how clubs can make your high school experience more than just ordinary:

     “If I could offer any advice to the future of Eastchester, it would be to get involved in one or two extracurricular activities that you can really have fun in. Looking back, some of my greatest memories are from the extracurricular activities I was a part of.” (Scott Symons, Class of 2015)

     “Through clubs, you are given the chance to expand your social horizons as you collaborate and make friends with people from all different grades. There is nothing more rewarding than spending time with a group of people who share the same interests as you, as you work toward achieving common goals, whether they be projects, publications or productions.” (Rodlyn-mae Banting, Class of 2015)

     “Being part of extra-curriculars has given me the opportunity to better define myself by exploring my passions, and has motivated me to take my interests to the outside community.” (Caitlin Cimons, Class of 2016)


    Academic Challenge — Mr. Larry Ellis

    • Promotes excellence in American education through participation in academic competition in a variety of scholastic tournaments during the school year
    • Primary tournaments are nationally sponsored by Questions Unlimited and administered for the Westchester area by White Plains High School
    • Generates publicity and attention for bright students that is normally reserved for star athletes
    • It’s cool to be smart!

    New York State Science Honor Society — Mr. Christian Gorycki  

    • Participates in the Science Olympiad competition and manages the Science Honors 
    • The New York State Science Honor Society was established to recognize students who excel in science as well as service. 
    • Membership selection is based upon science scholarship and personal character.  
    • Candidates must be juniors or seniors and currently enrolled in a science Regents or Advanced Placement course.  
    • They must also have successfully completed two years of science with a scholastic science average of 90%.  
    • In addition, they must do FIVE documented hours of peer tutoring after school in room H001 or participate in the Science Olympiad.  
    • Acceptance into the Science Honor Society is contingent upon Science Department approval. 

    French Club/National French Honor Society — Ms. Laura Marcoccia 

    • Celebrates the French language and culture and explores La Francophonie!
    • Special events are held throughout the year, including the Mardi Gras party and French Film Night

    Italian Club/National Italian Honor Society — Ms. Gessica Roviezzo

    • Recognizes an appreciation for the Italian language and culture through a variety of events and recognizes academic excellence with membership into the Honor Society. Special events throughout the year include:
    • Columbus Day activities, including the Columbus Day parade, dinner for Miss Columbus and the Padre Pio Fair at the Generoso Pope Center
    • Dinners at Spiritoso Restaurant and at the Generoso Pope Center; annual Christmas Party and opera performance
    • Annual trip to Italy

    New York State Math Honor Society – Ms. Donna Barbara

    Recognizes students, enhances knowledge and understanding, promotes mathematical leadership and encourages mathematical service. Students must have completed 10th grade mathematics and are currently enrolled in a mathematics class in 11th grade. Overall average of 85% and mathematics average over 90%.

    Spanish Club/Spanish Honor Society — Ms. Karina Barrera

    Fosters a greater appreciation of the culture and customs of the Hispanic people. The National Spanish Honor Society encourages excellence in scholarship by recognizing academic performance in the subject. Special events held throughout the year include:

    • A joint fundraiser with the Spanish Honor Society in October in order to fund our activities
    • Annual Piñata Party and trip to NYC to have dinner and see a show related to 
    • Hispanic culture
    • In-school activities include movie afternoons, dance lessons, scavenger hunts and poetry contests
    • National Spanish Honor Society members participate in peer tutoring and perform local volunteer work. An induction ceremony and a “Farewell Dinner’ for graduating members are held in June.

    National Honor Society — Ms. Brianne Hickey and Ms. Janice Crisci

    Students who have earned a cumulative weighted GPA of 92 or higher after the end of junior year are invited to apply to be considered for NHS membership in their senior year. A Faculty Council selects members based on the 4 NHS pillars: scholarship, character, service, and leadership. Members are expected to maintain the 4 pillars and to provide after school free tutoring to students, as well as other service initiatives throughout the year.

    National Art Honor Society — Ms. Morgan deRham

    Each year the Art Honor Society participates in a number of activities and events within the community that involves outreach programs through the arts. Students complete 10 hours of community service by either participating in art based community projects, fundraising, mural making, or curating student art exhibitions. 

    The following are highlighted events that the AHS participates in.

    • The senior fashion show: Working with the PTA’s yearly theme, AHS students spend hours after school brainstorming, designing and then making the centerpieces. 
    • Holiday Stocking Grams: AHS designs and creates about 200 stockings that are delivered to students and teachers. Students purchase stockings with a note and AHS packs the hand-made stockings with candy which are delivered to classrooms.
    • Welcome Spring: AHS handcrafts hundreds of paper flowers and creates centerpieces to decorate the dining hall to welcome Spring on March 21 and 22. This coincides with our Spring Bake Sale. All the proceeds we raise are used to purchase art and crafts supplies for P.S 111’s art program which is an underfunded elementary school in NYC.

    Tri-M – Music National Honor Society – Ms. Katelyn Odierna

    Formerly known as Modern Music Masters, is a program of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME).  Tri-M serves to foster, promote, and recognize musical excellence and leadership skills through musical performances and community service.  Requirements for membership in Tri-M are:

    • Be a member of one of the school's performing ensembles.
    • Be a member of one of the school's extracurricular ensembles.
    • Maintain a B or better average in school.
    • Maintain an A average in music class.
    • Participate in the NYSSMA solo festival


    Art Club — Mr. Matthew Robinson

    • Provides students with all levels of artistic abilities the opportunity to be involved with other students who share their interest. Weekly meetings are held to explore projects (still life or figure drawing, for example).   Special events include:
    • Weekend field trips to explore Manhattan’s art scene, such as visits to the Metropolitan Museum, MOMA, the Frick Collection, the Asia Society, the Morgan Library, the Highline and art galleries in Chelsea
    • The Art Club runs children’s workshops at the Welcome Back Carnival in the fall and the Arts Festival in the spring

     Jazz Band — Mr. Mark Dodge

    •  Showcases talent through two concert performances during the school year as well as other community performances. Participation is by audition. 

    Jazz Co — Ms. Karen Zambelli

    • Provides dance experiences and performance opportunities during upper elementary school, middle and high school. Students gain insight and discipline, learn skills of leadership and teamwork and integrate knowledge of self and issues through the arts.
    • Students are selected after a probationary period, based on dedication and level of responsibility
    • Members work with professional choreographers during the season to prepare for the annual performance in February
    • Students create dances relating to their adolescent experience, and learn the techniques of many styles of dance including but not limited to tap, hip-hop, jazz and theatre dance with guest choreographers
    • A few devoted high school dancers become assistants in the middle school and elementary program, thus developing leadership and teaching skills in addition to dance technique and choreography experience

    Photo Club – Mr. Patrick Perry

    Comprised of students who share a passion for photography.  As photographers, we attempt to connect the eye, the camera, and the spirit of creativity by combining artistic vision with technical skills/knowledge.  The club provides an informal, friendly and supportive environment for photographers at all levels of experience and with interest in all types of photographic imagery.  

    Players Club and Tech Crew — Mr. John Gwardyak

    • Recognized as one of the best high school theater groups in the tri-state area, Players Club members present several performances throughout the year. Tech Crew is open to all those who are interested in assisting on the building, painting and operation of scenery for all the productions. Performances include:
    • The Annual Fall Comedy, chosen by audition and limited to between 8 and 16 cast members; audition is highly competitive
    • Spring Musical: performed with a professional pit orchestra. Cast members are chosen by audition—anyone who auditions is guaranteed entrance 
    • May Cabaret, written and directed by students, and pokes good, clean fun of everyday life at EHS and features skits performed and written by teachers—any Players Club member may participate

     Video Production — Mr. Michael Goldstein

    • Teaches students with an interest in film & video production the professional techniques to shoot and edit their own films. Weekly meetings provide the opportunity to practice writing screenplays, use a video camera, microphones and computer editors. The Club also:
    • Hosts Stand-Up Comedy Night and the annual Eastchester Film Festival
    • Provides service to the community by shooting and editing many district events which are aired on local cable television


    Animal Rights Club — Ms. Diane Silva & Ms. Jennifer Battista

    The Animal Rights Club provides high school students, faculty and staff with information, guidance, programs, and resources regarding responsible animal treatment, usage of animals, and animal welfare. ARC would also like to help support animals by increasing awareness and education about the importance of adopting and rescuing animals.  We provide community service opportunities and help coordinate fundraising events for local animal shelters.

    Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) — Ms. Laura Marcoccia

    Cultivates the preservation of a safe school environment, free of unwarranted and unwelcome bullying of all students, whether gay or straight, black or white, religious or non-religious, etc. In order to make this vision a reality, we need the support of many people in the form of membership—joining is nothing to feel worried or ashamed about; in fact, it is a magnificent favor you can do for yourself and your school. 

    • Participates in numerous awareness programs, such as the Prideworks Convention at the Westchester County Center in December, and National Day of Silence, a nationwide protest of bullying every spring
    • Discusses LGBT current events and the climate of the school in general

    Going Green — Ms. Jean Marie Woods-Ray

    • Spreads awareness and increases enthusiasm among the students in our school district regarding simple daily changes that we all could make to help conserve our resources and improve environmental conditions. Activities and initiatives include: 
    • Green Week, a week spent educating and encouraging the school to reduce, reuse and recycle
    • Participating in an annual clean-up day, as well as Waverly day which focuses on teaching first graders about going green through a story and a project 
    • Raising money for sustainability projects such as Life Straws, a plastic device that cleans and filters harmful substances in third world countries
    • Sponsoring Walk to School Day and participate in Eastchester’s Green Festival

    Habitat for Humanity — Mr. Rob Heinemann

    • Supports the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity by helping to build a decent, safe and affordable place for families that qualify for low income housing
    • Club members visit construction sites and participate in helping to complete a particular house(s) at least once a month or more if needed.  Activities include spackling, painting, cleaning and gardening as well as cleaning and straightening the supporting warehouses.
    • Annual events include a major fundraiser at the beginning of the year, hosting a holiday dinner for the families and a dinner for out-of-state college students who help in our local sites.
    • We adopted the American Cancer Society’s “Relay for Life”, an event that takes place in Bronxville—we raise money and participate in the overnight event.
    • We lend a hand to other service organizations when the need arises.


    The Eaglet – Mr. Bryan Johnson

    • Publishes EHS’ student-run newspaper, The Eaglet
    • Offers students the opportunity to have their voice heard in a published periodical 
    • Students are able to write about topics that are not only relevant to the school community, but are both timely and of personal interest

     Slam! Poetry — Ms. Ruth Kambar

    • Raises awareness regarding the poetry of life by organizing :
    • Pee Wee poetry events, open-mics and fundraisers for charitable donations. Events are attended by Community members and high school/middle school students 

    Forum — Ms. Adam Benveniste

    • Publishes annual literary magazine to showcase the writing talents of students interested in sharing their works 


    Chess Club — Mr. Robert Ross

    The goal of the club is to have students develop a love and appreciation for the game of chess and to improve their game. All levels are welcome.  Competitions and instruction/logic/strategies will be provided. Or just come to have some fun battling your friends.

    Political Science/Model Congress — Ms. Betty Crowley

    • Offers students the opportunity to learn more about current events and how our government responds to them at the local, state, national and international levels through weekly meetings, where relevant topics are discussed 
    • Participates in Columbia, Yale, and UPenn Model Congress. Held at Ivy League universities, students from all over the country gather to be federal legislators for a weekend. Weekly meetings prepare students to write, introduce and debate legislation
    • Gives students the opportunity to create bills, debate, and listen to other students’ opinions from around the country 

    Ski Club — Mr. Ed Gruber

    • Fosters positive social gatherings outside of the school setting through a high adventure activity, bringing people together from diverse social circles to share their common interest while learning about each other
    • Sponsors five ski trips per year to some of the most challenging mountains in the Northeast, within four hours of Eastchester
    • Open to all who want to ski or board, from first-timers to double black diamond enthusiasts


    Eastchester Government Organization (EGO) — Ms. Jean Ahern-Kenny

    • Every student at EHS is a member of the EGO which is run by twenty elected officers and ten appointed rotating officers. 
    • The goals of the EGO officers are to represent the concerns of the student body, serve as the liaison between the student body, faculty, and the Board of Education, serve as role models, promote school spirit and a sense of pride, implement the student code of conduct, and establish and maintain public relations with the community
    • Meets regularly to organize school-wide events and fundraisers including Homecoming, Rock Against Cancer, Pep Rallies, Spirit Week, Friday Night Live,  8th to 9th Grade Parent Orientation, Blood Drives for the American Red Cross, Toy Drive and other activities based on need (school, community, nation)

    Yearbook Le Souvenir — Ms. Lauren Stipo

    •  Publishes the annual yearbook which reflects the events and lives of people involved with the school during a given year
    • Using an advanced desktop publishing system that closely mirrors the industry standard, students strive to create a journalistic publication. We use the latest design and photographic capabilities now available, including coverage showcasing everything from reporting of events to first-person profiles.
    • Students learn how to write for an audience, take great pictures, close a sale, celebrate others’ achievements, meet deadlines, make friends and be honest and thorough and accurate

    Student Athletic Council – Mr. Jason Karol

    This organization is designed to enhance our athletic programs and set up events for our athletic teams to give back to the community. Our “Eagle Impact” is designed to have our student athletes understand the importance of giving back.  Our “Eagle Nation” is designed to foster and encourage positive school spirit. The Athletic Council is comprised of Varsity and JV sports team members as well as students that have a ton of school spirit who are looking to give back to their school and community. A general meeting is held 5 times a year for anyone interested in becoming a member. There are 20 elected positions which include a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer for each grade in addition to the SAC President and Vice President. There are also two announcer positions, a photographer, a social media coordinator and three rowdy Eagles and two Eagle Impact Leaders.  Anyone interested in running for an elected position must speak to the athletic director.