• EMS/EHS Health Office

    To contact any of the Eastchester Schools' Health/Nurse's Office, please dial (914) 793-6130 followed by the appropriate extension

    Administrative Assistant

    Suzanne Caccavo ~ scaccavo@eufsdk12.org or Ext. 4247

    Our Nurses

    Lisa Massi, R.N.,      ext. 4243            lmassi@eufsdk12.org
    Theresa Ferrara, RN, ext. 4246          tferrara@eufsdk12.org
    Catherine O'Hanlon, RN, ext. 4218    cohanlon@eufsdk12.org


    FAX No: (914)-793-0098

  • School Absence/Illness Policy

    It is the practice of Eastchester School District, in conjunction with our District Medical Director and the Health Department, for students who have been ill remain at home for at least 24 hours after symptoms have subsided. These symptoms include:

    • Temperature 100.4 or above anytime in the previous 24 hours WITHOUT USE OF TYLENOL OR MOTRIN
    • Vomiting/diarrhea
    • Strep throat (must be on antibiotics for full 24 hours before returning)
    • See attached Contagious Disease Guidelines for further information and/or restrictions.

    Students who miss school because of illness MAY NOT return for after-school activities, rehearsals or athletics. When in dobut, act on the side of caution and keep your child home the extra day. Parents should reprot absences or tardiness daily to 914-793-6130 ext. 4271. Students must bring a parent's/physician's note to explain their absence upon return to school.


    Injury Guidelines

    Procedure to follow in case a student is injured:


    1. Notify school nurse of injury.
    2. A note from physician describing injury, limitations or special needs must be provided when student returns to school.
    3. If crutches, elevator use, walking boots or any other special devices are required, the physician must specify this in writing before student can return to school.
    4. If student presents to Health Office with an injury and does not have medical notes in place, they may not be able to remain in school.