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    Children have art every week and will be introduced to a variety of materials. While learning how to use these materials, children are encouraged to use their imaginations to create and develop their own self expression. Children will also become familiar with art history by looking at paintings and other art work. They will be encouraged to talk about what they see and learn how to look at a painting.


    Students will attend library class each week. During this time the librarian shares a story that centers on a certain theme/genre of literature or story structure/element. A brief discussion/activity takes place after the book is read to reinforce the focus of the particular lesson.

    Students may borrow books(s) each week for a one-week period. If a student does not return a book, they may not take out another until it is returned to the library. Accidents happen, families must pay the the replacement cost for any book that is damaged or lost.


    Children have music every week. The music program is designed to develop each child's fundamental understanding and enjoyment by integrating singing, performing, movement, listening, creativity and socialization skills.

    Physical Education

    Children have physical education twice a week. The goals of the physical education program include; enhancing overall physical development; improving physical fitness; developing gross motor and movement skills such as jogging, galloping, hopping and jumping; and developing listening skills. The emphasis is on fun movement activities, not competitive games. CHILDREN MUST WEAR SNEAKERS!

    Any child without a written note excusing them from gym will not be allowed to participate in recess.