• Nurse's Desk

    Nurse Kristy Lozina 793-6130 ext. 5509

    Our school nurse is your child's best friend in school. She is always available to care for tummy aches, skinned knees, headaches, etc., and to give comfort when needed. Should your child become ill during school, parents will always be notified. Please call the school nurse in the morning, if your child will be absent that day.

    School district policy states that should your child require prescription or non-prescription medication during school hours, the nurse must have:

    >written parental permission
    >written physician's order
    >medication in an original pharmacy container
    >parents must bring in medication to school - children are not permitted to carry any medications

    Hearing and vision screenings are conducted.
    Immunizations records are reviewed.
    Notices are sent out when students are exposed to communicable diseases.

    Guidelines to follow when deciding to send a child to school:
    Fever: Do not send a child to school with a fever. A child should remain at home 24 hours after the fever has subsided.
    Cold & Cough: If your child has a bad cold and/or cough, a persistent runny nose, or sneezing, please have your child rest at home until the symptoms subside.
    Rash: Please consult your doctor.
    Vomiting/Diarrhea: Your child should remain at home if he/she has had these symptoms during the night or the evening before.
    Chicken Pox: Please keep your child home from the initial onset of chicken pox until all lesions are dry.
    Conjunctivitis: A child diagnosed with conjunctivitis should stay home until there is no discharge and the eye no longer appears pink.
    Head Lice: The child cannot be re-admitted to school until all nits (both viable and nonviable) are removed. Contact your doctor for advice on treatment. Follow all directions carefully.