• Attendance Policy and Procedures

    Absences and Lateness

    Attendance is taken every morning. If a student reaches 7 absences in a 10-week period, we consider it an attendance problem. A letter will be sent to the parent requesting more information about the absences. If the attendance pattern does not show improvement and the building team decides that further intervention is necessary, a referral will be made to the principal. The principal will request a parent conference to determine the consequences for not attending school as well as to develop a course of action that will ensure the student’s attendance in school. At this time, a doctor’s note may be required for all future absences. These interventions will occur for excessive tardiness and early departures from school too. When a family has received the above two interventions and the student accumulates at least 15 days of absences, the principal may pursue formal sanctions.

    Students who are absent from school will not be permitted to participate in any after-school activities on the day(s) of their absence. This includes but is not limited to: clubs, concerts, or any other school sponsored events. Students who are unable to attend school due to illness should remain at home to rest and recover.

    If your child will not be attending school, please call in your child’s absence to the Attendance Clerk's office at (914) 793-6130 x5303 in the morning or email gvattendance@eufsdk12.org. Please do not notify a teacher of the absence, as all attendance is managed by the Attendance Office, requiring a parental call.  All medical conversations should take place with the Nurse’s Office at extension 5313. 

    To ensure each child’s safety, the Attendance Clerk will call the parent if a child is absent and no phone call was made to the school.

    On the day of your child’s return, a written note by the parent explaining the absence is required. This note should be submitted to the teacher.

    Unexcused (Illegal) Absences and Lateness

    Any absence, tardiness, or early departure may be considered unexcused or illegal. Examples of an unexcused absence is, but not limited to: family vacations, oversleeping, or missing the bus.

    Any absence without a written note upon return to school will be considered illegal.

    Arrival/Dismissal Times

    Our regular school hours for students are: Students may begin to arrive at 8:05.  CLASS BEGINS AT - 8:30 AM / DISMISSAL - 2:50 PM. Students are considered late after 8:24.

    When dropping off in the morning, please pull your car up to the far end of the curb in front of the school building. Do not stop, or park, in front of the main entrance to the building. Do not get out of your car as this creates a backup. If you need to leave your car, please pull to the curb along fenced area to allow cars to keep moving.

    Students are to arrive NO EARLIER THAN 8:05 AM – as that is when supervision begins.

    Upon arrival, all students will enter the building and proceed to their classrooms.

    At dismissal, all bus students will line up in the gymnasium or designated classroom/hallway outside the gym. Once all classes have convened, the staff assigned to bus duty will escort the children to their appropriate bus. Children who are picked up by their parent/guardian will be walked out to the blacktop area by their homeroom teacher to meet the parents.

    Any changes in a child’s regular dismissal routine must be made in writing and sent in to the homeroom teacher. Any change in transportation route, must be approved by the Transportation Office (ext. 4207) in advance. Students many not ride a different bus for purposes of play dates.