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EHS Counseling Program

  • Counseling Mission Statement

    The Eastchester High School Counseling Program aligns with the NY State Standards and reflects the philosophy and values of the EUFSD Board of Education mission and goals. The Program is committed to providing proactive services that meet the needs of all students. As credentialed professional educators, all counselors assist parents, teachers, and administrators in a shared commitment to support students’ social and emotional well-being, educational and extracurricular achievement, and career development and goals.

    Counselors establish a trusting and confidential relationship with students in our efforts to understand the individual abilities, needs, and goals, and to contribute to the personal and academic growth and development of all students. In tandem with teachers and administrators, Counselors support collaboration with all stakeholders, and our developmental counseling model is an integral component of the high school. We contribute to the development and implementation of departmental and organizational policies and procedures that serve to increase the likelihood of student success and to create a supportive school climate. Our ultimate goal is to guide “the whole student” in the acquisition and development of skills necessary at each life stage

    School Counselors:
    • Monitor student achievement and develop strategies for improvement for struggling students.
    • Guide students to challenge themselves with rigorous academic programs.
    • Coordinate programs and activities that promote personal/social development.
    • Help students transition successfully to the high school.
    • Help students learn about various careers and post-secondary education options.
    • Meet with each student at least once annually to develop an individual progress review plan, which shall reflect each student's educational progress, social emotional wellbeing, and career plans.

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