• Music

    The music program at Greenvale offers general music classes to all students. Grades 2 – 5 receive 45 minutes of general music a cycle. The Grade 3 program includes recorder instruction.

    In addition to general music, a pull-out program is available for grades 4 – 5 to those students who have expressed an interest in playing a string/band instrument. Instruments need to be rented (by parents) and instruction is given weekly. Instrumental ensemble rehearsals are conducted twice a week during recess.

    Chorus is incorporated into the grade four and five curriculum. The elements of concert choral selections will be taught during fourth and fifth grade general music class. Chorus rehearsals are conducted once a week during recess.

    Additionally, students who participate in chorus have the opportunity to perform in the evening winter and spring concerts. Students who do not attend regular practice sessions and/or do not behave appropriately at these practices are subject to dismissal from these programs.

    Two annual concerts are scheduled for students who participate in our band, strings and chorus programs.