• Eastchester UFSD Code of Conduct

  • The District's comprehensive approach to school safety includes a balance of education, effective prevention and intervention, discipline, security and crisis prevention preparedness. The safety of our students and staff are paramount. Though we consider our schools safe due to the commitment of faculty, parents and our community to our students, the District has developed a District-Wide Safety plan, as well as individual building Emergency Response Plans that contain protocols to guide expeditious and effective responses to emergency situations. The District has worked closely with police, fire, EMS and government agencies to develop these plans. These plans were developed pursuant to the New York State Schools Against Violence in Education (S.A.V.E.) legislation.

    Responsible behavior by students, staff, parents and other visitors is essential to achieving effective education for all students. The District has a long-standing set of expectations for conduct on school property and at school functions and the District is committed to maintaining high behavioral standards and expectations. District and building level Codes of Conduct clearly define the expectations for acceptable conduct on school property, identify possible consequence of unacceptable conduct, and ensure that when discipline is necessary, it is administered promptly and fairly. Since school safety must be a shared responsibility among school, home and community, these Codes of Conduct were developed in collaboration with students, teachers, administrators, and parents. In addition, our counseling and health programs, student assistance services and anti-bullying programs promote good citizenship and character. These programs have been implemented to provide the prevention, intervention and crisis response that are the cornerstone of our school safety plan. Please contact your child's school if you wish additional information on these programs.