• We are Heading "Back to the Future!"

    We have endured much together throughout this pandemic and are delighted to have all students back in school for live instruction five days per week for the 2021-22 school year! We are going to apply everything we have learned through to create a future that is even better than the version of schooling we knew before. This chart provides more detail regarding back to school protocols designed to keep everyone safely enjoying a rich, live, in-person school community experience.

    The links at the left will take you to more specific information which we will keep updated. Please find protocols listed below:



    Instructional Model

    School will operate in as normal a state as possible with five full days in person. No hybrid or remote instruction will be provided. 

    Indoor mask requirement

    Masks are optional for all students and staff, indoors and outdoors

    Social distancing in classrooms

    3 feet or more where possible; tables may be used and students may face one another in various room desk configurations as normal.

    Temperature Screening


    Social distance at lunch

    Normal lunch schedule with as much social distancing as possible

    Sanitation and cleaning 

    We will use standard cleaning protocols

    Food service


    Snack - Elementary



    Normal loads, masks required, opening of windows required

    Playground procedures

    Students will not be cohorted and can play normally.

    Return to school following COVID-19 illness or exposure to a positive individual

    Isolation rules remain in place. Individuals may return to school or work after a 5-day isolation period if they meet the symptom requirements. Upon return, a well-fitting mask must be worn at all times for days 6-10. If a mask cannot be worn, isolation must continue through day 10. Individuals required to wear a mask may remove the mask in order to eat or drink. When masks are removed, the individual must maintain 6 feet of social distance from others.

    Notification of COVID-19 positive cases

    The district will continue to post positive cases daily. Elementary: Families will at the classroom level will receive notification via communicable disease letter via backpack. In addition, cases will be posted by school and grade level on the district website each day. Secondary: Cases will be posted by school and grade level on the district website each day

    Vaccinations staff

    Per NYSDOH, all staff will be required to be vaccinated or tested weekly.

    Educational Provision for COVID positive students who are isolated

    Elementary students (Grades K-5) who are COVID positive will receive approximately 1-2 hours of individual or small-group instructional tutoring per day for the duration of their absence. The teacher will provide necessary materials through Google Classroom or for pickup at the school office. Secondary students (Grades 6-12) who are COVID positive will have the opportunity to view classroom instruction via passive live streaming of their classes. To preserve as normal an experience as possible for the students within the classroom, there will be no interaction between the teacher and the student viewing the passive live streaming. The teacher will provide necessary materials through Google Classroom or for pickup in the school office.

    Support for IEP students who are quarantined, have Covid-19 and in isolation 

    Students with IEPs who are quarantined will be provided with instructional support for all academic classes and related services. Depending on the length of quarantine or isolation, additional tutoring will be arranged at the building level to support a student’s mastery of IEP goals. 

    Medically fragile students

    Individualized student plan created in collaboration with medical recommendation and process for review based upon need.

    Parents/Guardians/Vendors in buildings

    Parents and visitors may enter buildings for meetings or to conduct school-related business. Parents who will be visiting/volunteering/assisting in classrooms should be vaccinated or provide a OR provide a negative PCR or Antigen test. The district can provide free tests.

    Larger indoor school events during the day involving students and staff only

    Events held as normally as possible by using larger common spaces and classrooms to maintain reasonable and normal density and spacing of at least 3 feet where possible.

    Band and Chorus

    Band and chorus will operate normally with as much distancing as practicable. Wind instruments will utilize specialized face masks and bell covers whenever possible.


    Clubs should operate as normally as possible by using spaces that facilitate maintaining spacing of at least 3 feet where practicable.


    Athletics will operate normally with as much distancing as practicable.


    District ventilation was evaluated and optimized for fresh air and filtration by our mechanical engineers at the start of the 2020-21 school year. The current status remains. We will explore augmenting with portable HEPA where needed and also address improvements through our capital campaign..


    School trips will generally operate normally with some additional safeguards and provisions as may be required by the individual activity.

    Materials Sharing and Library Books

    May be checked out and used normally

    Book Fairs-Elementary

    May operate normally

    Faculty Meetings

    Will operate normally and in person