• Congratulations to the Editors Managers of Le Souvenir Yearbook Club 2021!

    Olivia Moschetti - Editor In Chief
    Emma Moschetti - Layout Editor
    Jen Tsuchiya - Photography Editor
    Ariana Wahab - Copy Editor
    Joe Formisano; Michaela Scott- Business Ad/Social Media Managers
    Margaret Almodovar - Section Manager
    Clare Cashman; Adriana Masciandaro - Photography Managers
    Ariana Falco - Copy/Index Manager

    The officers were chosen through a rigorous selection process based on their experience, a detailed application, and their commitment to the club. They are already on their way with ideas, planning and training.  Ms. Lauren Stipo and Ms. Christina Molinari, advisors to the club members, express their hearty congratulations and ask you to extend the same when you see them—virtually or otherwise.