• Eastchester Middle School

    Clubs and Activities





    Dates and Location

    Art Club

    Ms. Simeone

    Thursdays - Room 102

    Chess Club

    Mr. McGowan

    Mondays – Room 232

    Debate Club

    Mr. Gibson

    Fridays – Room TBD

    Noteable (A cappella Club)

    Ms. Bonner

    Wednesdays - 2:30-3:30, Room 111

    Ukulele Club

    Ms. Bonner

    Thursdays – 2:30-3:30 Room 111

    International Club

    Mrs. Shay & Mrs. Logan

    Tuesdays- Room 264


    Mr. McGee 

    Varies by season, listen for announcements

    History Club

    Mr. McGowan

    Wednesday - Room 232

    Jazz Band

    Ms. Rende

    Thursdays – Band Room

    Jazz Co./Dance Club

    (Second Semester)

    Ms. Leone, Director 

    Ms. Kearns

    Ms. Martucci

    Ms. Monteiro

    6th Grade Girls – Thurs & Fri

    7th Grade Girls – Wednesdays

    8th Grade Girls – Mon & Tues

    6, 7, 8th Grade Boys – Mondays

    Various Locations

    Players Club

    Ms. Bonner & Ms. Rende

    Listen for Announcements

    SPARC (After-School SPIRIT)

    Various Staff

    Tuesdays by registration

    Begins 10/10

    Science Club

    Ms. Wilson

    Tuesdays - 2:40-3:30 

    Room 203

    School Newspaper

    Ms. Mejia

    Wednesdays – Room 201

    Student Council

    Mr. Chertok

    Ms. Logan

    Wednesdays – Room 263

    Student Leadership

    Mr. Chertok

    Ms. Logan


     Room 263

    Photography Club

    Mr. Boissonnault

                  Mondays – Room 127



    Ms. Rende & Ms. Vlad

    Wednesdays - Room H136 (across from nurse)