• Eastchester Middle School

    Clubs and Activities




    Dates and Location

    Art Club

    Ms. Reardon

    Oct 13-End of School Year Room 101

    Chess Club

    Mr. McGowan

    Tuesdays – Room 232

    Debate Club

    Mr. Goldstein


    International Club

    Mrs. Shay & Mrs. Logan

    Tuesdays- Room 264

    History Club

    Mr. McGowan

    Wednesday - Room 232

    Jazz Band

    Ms. Rende

    Thursdays – Band Room 113

    Jazz Co./Dance Club

    (Second Semester)

    Ms Leone and Ms Monteiro

    Interest meeting prior to February Break. Rehearsals begin after February Break. Grade level meetings on assigned rehearsal days. Performance 5/16

    Modern Dance (3)

    Ms. Kearns, Ms. Martucci, Ms. Monteiro

    See Jazz Co

    National Junior Honor Society

    Ms. VanTassell

    TBD as members are nominated and selected after the 1st semester

    Players Club

    Ms. Bonner & Ms. Rende

    Typically, Monday-Thursdays, but schedules are  based around student availability

    Science Club


    Mondays-Room 203

    Science Olympiad

    Ms Lore and Mr. Boissonnault

    Tuesdays- Room 119


    Ms. Mejia

    Tuesdays – Room 201. 

    Student Leadership Council

    Mr. Chertok

    Ms. Logan

    Wednesdays – Room 263

    Photography Club

    Mr. Boissonnault

                  Thursdays – Room 127


    Technology Club

    Mr. Boissonnault

    Tuesdays-Room 127

    Washington Club

    Mr. Boissonnault

    Wednesdays-Rom 127


    Ms. Vlad