• Psychologist's Desk -AKA The Feelings Teachers



    • Early childhood development consultant for staff, parents and the greater community.
    • Facilitator of Good Touches / Bad Touches: Child Abuse Prevention program, held during the spring semester.
    • Counselor / Play Therapist for children with social and/or emotional issues.
    • Facilitator of children's social development through classroom community building activities.
    • Member of Instructional Support Team (IST).
    • Member of Kindergarten Screening Team.


    • To work in conjunction with staff to identify children at risk for academic, social, and/or behavioral problems.
    • To maximize student's academic success in Kindergarten and 1st grade through:
    • Classroom observations to help staff and parents gain insight into a child's development.
    • Formal assessments to identify areas of strengths and needs for a child.
    • Helping teachers make modifications to their instructional techniques when necessary.
    • To maximize student's social / emotional development through:
      • In-class or in-office counseling to encourage positive social interactions.
      • Observations to determine motivations of behavior or difficulties.
      • Development of intervention or behavioral support plans to promote appropriate, pro-social behaviors.
    • To facilitate acceptance within the Kindergarten and 1st grade community of children with adverse needs.

    May be reached at 793-6130 extension 5510