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Outdoor Recess Guidlines




The Eastchester Union Free School District endorses the following ideologies:   

  • Physical activity is essential for the healthy growth and development of children;  
  • Recess can serve as an outlet for reducing or lowering children’s anxiety;  
  • Recess activities encourage children to take turns, negotiate, or modify rules and interact cooperatively.   


Every attempt will be made to provide elementary school children with a daily outdoor recess (approx. 20-30 minutes) as per the guidelines below.  The final decision about the daily recess environment will be made by the school principal or his/her designee.  Consultation about daily recess conditions is encouraged between the three elementary schools and every attempt will be made for the three schools to make similar arrangements.


Appropriate clothing for outdoor play is essential.  Parents must be certain that children come to school with warm jackets, hats and gloves in cold weather and boots and snow pants when it is snowing or there is snow on the ground.  School monitors may need to assist students in dressing appropriately in these conditions.  When possible, if school staff notices earlier in the day that students are not dressed appropriately or have the proper clothing with them for outdoor recess, parents will be notified.

Weather Guidelines

(All conditions will be monitored using The Weather Channel for Eastchester, NY)


Students will play outdoors when:   

  • Temperatures are above 25° with consideration given to wind chill factor  
  • Temperatures are below 95° with consideration given to humidity 
  • There is light precipitation (e.g. snow flurries, drizzle) that does not create unsafe conditions
  • Snow is on the ground, depending upon how different play areas are affected


Playground/Field Conditions      

  • Students will be permitted to use playground equipment, fields, and asphalt play areas when conditions are suitable for safe play
  • Safety considerations include:    
    • Equipment that is dry and ice free   
    • Fields that are not muddy or icy and asphalt play areas that are not icy   
    • Snow that is not deep enough to inhibit students walking/running