Welcome to the Human Resources Department

  • Welcome to the Eastchester School District’s Human Resource Department.  This page is currently being developed and under construction.   

    While the site is being developed, please feel free to contact one of our staff members with any Human Resource related questions or concerns. 

    To apply for an available position please use OLAS:  https://www.olasjobs.org/ or email a cover letter and resume to:  hrdept@eufsdk12.org 


    Change of Personal Information (name, address, contact info):

    For the forms required to initiate any personal information changes email: 

    Tina Contillo:  tcontillo@eufsdk12.org

    Payroll and Health Insurance Benefits (SWSCHP)*:  

    To add or remove dependents from health insurance plan email:

    Nicolaia DiLeo:  payroll@eufsdk12.org

    *ETA Members:  Vision/Dental (TRUST) Benefits:   Anthony Rich -  arich@eufsdk12.org

    Verification of Employment:

    All verifications of employment must be done in writing, with the signed permission of employees.  Please forward written requests to the email below and allow at least five (5) business days for processing: Tina Contillo:  tcontillo@eufsdk12.org

    Union Contact Information  

    • Eastchester Administrators’ Association 

    President:  Jeffrey Capuano:  jcapuano@eufsdk12.org   

    • Eastchester Monitors’ Association

     President:  Donna Quintessenza:  dquintessenza@eufsdk12.org  

    Vice President:  Susan Frascone:  sfrascone@eufsdk12.org   

    • Eastchester Teachers’ Association (ETA):  

    President:  Clare Delongchamp  cdelongchamp@eufsdk12.org:  

    Vice Presidents: 

    Executive Vice President - Carlene LoVecchio - clovecchio@eufsdk12.org

    Vice President of Rights and Responsibilities - Emily Chazen - echazen@eufsdk12.org

    Vice President of Professional Development - Ruth Kambar - rkambar@eufsdk12.org 

    • Civil Service Employees Association – Support Staff (CSEA) 

    President:  Anne Marie Guarniero:  aguarniero@eufsdk12.org  

    Vice President:  Lisa Massi:  lmassi@eufsdk12.org 

    • Civil Service Employees Association – Custodial Staff (CSEA)

     President:  Peter Trapani:  ptrapani@eufsdk12.org:  

    Vice President:  Eric Vollmer:  evollmer@eufsdk12.org  

    Quick links:

    • AESOP - Frontline’s Absence Management:  

    Site used to track attendance 

    (Frontline’s Professional Growth, AESOP and IEP Direct share the same platform)


    For questions or concerns with entering absences contact:

    Kimberly Mark:  kmark@eufsdk12.org

    • MyLearningPlan - Frontline’s Professional Growth:

    Site used to track professional development

    (Frontline’s Professional Growth, AESOP and IEP Direct share the same platform)


    For questions or concerns with MyLearningPlan - Professional Growth contact:

    Jeanette Messina:  jmessina@eufsdk12.org

    • Global Compliance Network (GCN)

    Site used for annual policy training

    www.gcntraining.com  [Organization ID:  94932e]

    For questions or concerns with GCN please contact:

    Jeanette Messina:  jmessina@eufsdk12.org

    • BoardDocs:  

    Site used to track Board of Education Meeting agendas and minutes.


    For questions or concerns with BoardDocs please contact:

    Jeanette Messina:  jmessina@eufsdk12.org

    • New York State Department of Education (NYSED):  

    General Website:


      • NYSED TEACH:  

    Site used to check the validity of certification, the status of applications for certification, Registration status and Registration Periods:


    • NYSED Certification Requirements: 

    Site for information on pathways to certification including initial to professional certification requirements:


     NYSED Mentored Experience:

     Link to form required for applicants for Professional Level Certification.  Applicant will print the form, complete the top portion, then submit to Human Resources for processing:


           NYSED Verification of Paid Experience: 

     Link to form required for applicants for Professional Level Certification.  Applicant will print the form, complete Section I, and submit to Human Resources for processing:


    • New York State Teachers Retirement System (NYSTRS):   

    Site for information for Active Members of the NYSTRS including links to forms for members:


    • OMNI 

    The District’s Third Party Administrator (TPA) of 403(b) plans.


    • State Wide Schools Cooperative Health Plan (SWSCHP): 

    Site for information on the District’s Health Insurance Plan