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Eastchester High School Kitchen Classes

Students in Nora Flynn’s class find themselves in the kitchen when they work remotely from home on Wednesdays. Mrs. Flynn teaches the students how to cook and bake, and each lesson assists them with everyday life skills.  The Eastchester High School students review math skills when they gather ingredients, their research skills if they have questions about a specific recipe, and of course, their culinary skills.

During a recent Google Meet, the students made donuts from Pillsbury Grand Biscuits to supplement an article that they read about a Krispy Kreme donut shop coming to New York City. Family members supervised the students who cooked at home. The class also reviewed vocabulary words that pertained to cooking during their time together.

You could almost smell the delicious aroma through the computer screen as Mrs. Flynn and her students removed the donuts from the pan and then added toppings. Some of the class favorites – chocolate, strawberry and cinnamon for the fall season.

“Health concerns prevent us from running our Café this year and the virtual class time together mirrors some of the activities that we would participate in at school,” said Mrs. Flynn. “My students continue to practice what they learn and enjoy making their own baked goods. Although they are unable to share the treats with the school community, their families enjoy the fruits of their labor.”

Mrs. Flynn precooked a batch of donuts and brought them to class later in the week and her students decorated and ate them outside during an afternoon break.