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Eastchester Honors High School Students and Alumni Heroes

When a group of friends went out for an afternoon of jet skiing along the Long Island Sound, they never expected their actions would earn them the title of hero.

On October 13th, EUFSD Superintendent Dr. Robert Glass and the Board of Education honored Eastchester High School Seniors Angelo Sperandio and Mark Tamburro along with EHS alumni Michael Cupo and Robert Ballasedis. They rescued survivors from a seaplane crash in Queens earlier this month.

“What they did was heroic,” said Dr. Glass. “You have exemplified great character, great citizenship and everything that we hope to instill in you.”

The group of friends said they instinctively knew what to do. “We saw the debris go up in the air and what happened. We started yelling go, go, go,” said Angelo. The group then bolted for the shore.  

The students and alumni have no formal medical training and safely removed the pilot and a passenger from the aircraft. They credit their involvement in outdoor activities, classes at Eastchester High School and their coaches for imparting this knowledge. Both Angelo and Mark are current members of the Varsity Football Team. The group worked as a team that afternoon and remain humble despite all the attention that they have been receiving.

“Our coaches train us to be leaders and that is what we did in this situation. We did what we had to do; we helped,” said Mark.

Eastchester Town Supervisor Anthony Colavita and Town Board members also honored the young men in a separate ceremony and posted this comment on the Eastchester Town Facebook page: “The Town of Eastchester is very proud of our local heroes.  We applaud them for their bravery and for taking the time to help others in need.”

Angelo, Mark, Michael and Robert exemplified what it means to be Eagle Strong. 

 Principal and student standing in field Male students and principal standing in front of EHS.

Two alumni and two EHS students standing in cafeteria holding plaques.