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Self-Portraits With Masks

Waverly art teacher, Samantha Larrea’s, recent project with Waverly students offered them the opportunity to express themselves during these times without using words. Kindergarten and first grade students are designing masks, and first graders drew self-portraits wearing masks.

“This project provides a visual image to help our young students communicate their thoughts and feelings without words,” said Ms. Larrea. “The lesson also documents a moment in history and normalizes mask-wearing.” Principal Mari Doyle introduced the concept, “I wear a mask for you – you wear a mask for me.”

While drawing their self-portraits, students shared these thoughts: “The unicorns on my mask make me happy” and “I am concentrating so hard because I want my picture to look realistic.” Ms. Chiappelli’s class agreed that they liked to look at each other’s masks, with what the children described as cool designs.

Some students found wearing a mask difficult at times and said that they miss seeing Mrs. Larrea’s face and smile. She explained why people wear masks when they are not at home, to keep everyone safe.