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Eighth Grade Career Exploration

The Eastchester Middle School Counseling Department embarked on a new method to help students learn more about themselves as they start to plan their future. Every Wednesday, the department presents Career Exploration Workshops highlighting a professional in a particular career through a webinar interview format.

“At this age, students are starting to self-reflect more and learn about themselves. Career education including personality inventories, strength assessments as well as exposure to many different careers is part of this exploration process,” said School Counselor Christine Mejia. “As students enter ninth grade, learning about their strengths, interests and preferences helps to inform course selection and extracurricular and volunteer pursuits as they continue their journey at Eastchester High School.”

Traditionally, eighth graders attended a Career Day before the Holiday Break where they listened to a keynote speaker and then attended three breakout sessions focusing on specific careers. The pandemic prevents visitors from entering the building and large assemblies. This new format, weekly presentations since November, has fostered some unexpected advantages.  

School Counselor Danielle Fiore remarked, “The weekly webinar format has served to keep the hope of a bright future at the forefront of our students’ consciousness. Every week students have a reminder about the possibilities and opportunity for success that lay ahead. They hear about career journeys from people, most of whom are local community members, passionate about their work and learn first-hand about perseverance and accomplishment.”  

Students have already viewed presentations from a U.S. Navy pilot, nurse, government official, television producer and marketing expert through their Google Classrooms.  Each week they complete a brief Google form that includes feedback about the presentations.

Future presentations will include representatives from different fields including sports broadcasting, architecture, science and healthcare. Community members who would like to participate in a Career Exploration Webinar should contact the Eastchester Middle School Counseling Department by sending an email to Christine Mejia,  Danielle Fiore  or by calling (914) 793-6130 ext. 4472 or ext. 4268.

More information about the EMS Career Education program can be found on the EMS Counseling website: