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Young Artist

Greenvale fourth grader Georgina Partridge could barely hold back her excitement when she explained how she turned the pages of The New York Times and discovered that the editors published her drawings in this weekend’s paper.

“Oh my gosh! I felt really appreciated because I was the youngest one and I must be pretty good to be (chosen) by the New York Times,” explained Georgina, who loves to draw.

The nine-year-old submitted her sketches to the paper’s “They Drew Their Year Ahead More/Less List.” This so-called relaxed version of New Year’s resolutions asked readers to draw what they want to experience in 2021.  

More and less Drawings of a bbq, two people hugging, learning, health Copvis-19 global warming.

Georgina’s “More” list included pictures of a cupcake, a barbeque grill and people standing close together. Some things she can do without include the COVID-19 virus and global warming.

“I love baking,” said Georgina. “I love tasting treats and seeing how it all comes together like a masterpiece.”  As many others would agree, less of the coronavirus would mean more opportunities to gather with friends at home and school.

“We are very proud of Georgina for sharing her talents and participating in this challenge,” said Greenvale Principal Dr. Darrell Stinchcomb.  “This shows all it takes is some initiative and creativity to make a mark in your community.”