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A Salute to Black History

The Anne Hutchinson School is recognizing Black History Month by displaying posters of prominent black Americans throughout the school building. Students in the fourth grade and Kati Curry’s 5th grade class this year researched, designed and hung the posters. Principal Dr. Annette Keane and Teaching Assistant Toni Muse also worked hand-in-hand with the project.

“Our school community must understand the rich history and the experience of African Americans in our country,” said Curry. “I hope that allowing students to conduct their own research will have an impact on their lives and give them a better understanding of the larger world in which we live.”

The posters include a photo and a brief summary of the person’s contributions. Some of the individuals highlighted include Ella Fitzgerald, Frederick Douglas, Terrell Owens, Oprah Winfrey and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Student Athena Gianas chose former First Lady Michele Obama and described her as a leader. Athena said a project like this one is vital for the school.  “It is very important that we (celebrate) all cultures. All cultures are important.”

“This is a nice opportunity to share what happened to them,” remarked classmate Audrey Badlyans.

The posters will remain on display through the end of February and be displayed and added to next year.