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The “I” In Kindness

Waverly students are learning about kindness in their classes, their homes and when they walk in their halls;  they literally are becoming the  “i” in the word kind.

Teachers Meghan Galvao and Alison Tine started the project last school year and thought it was important to continue, especially during these uncertain times. Students stop by a bulletin board on the first floor and have their photos taken in front of the word kind.

This month, the Waverly community is engaging in a kindness scavenger hunt, which includes acts of kindness such as giving compliments, drawing pictures for friends, and playing with someone new at recess.

"The students enjoy being the "i" in kind and it reminds them how small gestures can mean so much," said Galvao. "At Waverly, we want our students to know that they are in a safe and nurturing environment and that it can begin with them."