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Egyptian Canopic Jars

Sixth graders in Eastchester Middle School connected history and art when they designed and created Egyptian canopic jars on paper. Canopic jars were used in ancient times to store specific organs of the mummified person entering the afterlife.  Each canopic jar is topped with a lid of a god to carry and protect these organs.  

Eastchester students chose an animal for the lids of their jars and the animal each student selected fit his or her identity and personality. The jar was then decorated with hieroglyphics and patterns used in ancient times.

“I am so proud of how students continue to persevere through these challenging times.  Art is a wonderful opportunity for students to experience and explore the world around them.” said Art instructor Nicole Reardon.  “Art is also a great tool to decompress through creative expression.  Each art work is a glimpse into the creative minds and personalities of our students.”  

Reardon is also reminded of a quote by Albert Einstein. “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” 

Please follow this link to view the many different expressions of our students.