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Greenvale Social Emotional Learning Board

Greenvale psychologists Dr. Francesco Bello and Lindsay Kline support students, faculty and families in a variety of ways. The school created a Social Emotional Learning Committee in the fall composed of teachers who find creative ways to meet the needs of the Greenvale community. In addition, each month, Dr. Bello and Ms. Kline focus on a theme and utilize a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) bulletin board as a focal point for students and staff. The March SEL board features the topic of emotion management.

"These are essential life skills," said Dr. Bello. "Research shows that when we have positive emotion management skills, it improves academics, socialization and problem-solving. How can a student learn math if they are worried about something and cannot concentrate? Academics and emotional development go together." 

Dr. Bello noted that experiencing a range of emotions is something we all go through. Emotions are what make us human and unique. This school year, the COVID-19 pandemic has understandably increased stress for many members of the community. 

The SEL board presents information to students in a friendly and age-appropriate manner. For example, the SEL board suggests students become “emotion detectives”; this is a fun way to become more self-aware. Then, the students learn how to categorize their feelings and are given a list of coping techniques.

When asked what she thought of the three steps outlined on the bulletin board, fifth grader Alexa Sinha replied, “They are helpful because if you get mad you can use these steps to help. It is important to think about different solutions to handle our emotions so they don’t get worse.”

Fourth grader Ethan Rivera said, “If you don’t handle emotions in a positive way, you can impact other people. If you’re not calm, you can hurt others and they can feel sad.”

Greenvale teachers reinforce the concepts in class with in-person and remote students. This month, students are reading about different scenarios where children face a troubling situation on the playground or with friends. The Greenvale students discuss how they would feel and how to react.

Dr. Bello and Ms. Kline also send an activity home and post a video to the Greenvale website.

Alexa Sinha commented, “The videos are fun because they give you an example of what can happen if you do control your feelings in a positive way and if you don’t.”