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Eastchester Faculty & Administrators Granted Tenure During School Pause Officially Honored

The Eastchester School Board recognized faculty members and administrators who were granted tenure during the 2019-2020 school and were unable to celebrate in person due to Covid-19.

Trustees and administrators commended the recipients on June 8 during their regularly scheduled meeting.

EUFSD School Superintendent Dr. Robert Glass said that although COVID-19 delayed the in person ceremony but could not deprive them of earning this milestone in their careers.

Congratulations to:

Mari Doyle, Dr. Annette Keane, Giuseppe DiMaio, Maria Chiulli-Neglia, Lisa Cilione, Laurie D'Onofrio, Amanda Falcone, Tara Fox, Lauren Ingram, Molly Koller, Michele Marciano, Agnes O'Brien, Katelyn Odierna, Derek Pesce, Anna Rainaldi, Dawn Rubbo, Michael Schaefer, Lauren Stipo and Joseph Utschig.