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WISE Showcase Recognizes Student Learning and Experiences

Eastchester High School seniors gained worthwhile experience over the past two months during their internships throughout the community. The Wide-ranging, Interest-based Senior Experience commonly known as WISE, allowed the students to learn more about the fields they wish to study in college and pursue in life.

Approximately 200 students participated in WISE this year, and on Wednesday night, they shared what they learned with their teachers, peers and families.

Christian D’Agostino interned at a chiropractic office and would like to become a physical therapist.  He said he benefited greatly. “I enjoyed interacting with people and seeing the machines that are used. I did not know about joints on the molecular level, and the (doctor) showed me MRIs. I like understanding what goes into this field.”

The students worked in various disciplines, including medicine, dentistry, retail, sports, real estate, education, law enforcement and engineering. One student worked in a Manhattan bridal shop, another at a jeweler, and others at local shops learning how the establishments’ routines and in some cases, how to market products.

Lianna Boiano spent the time at her family’s dental office to avoid pitfalls after graduating from dental school. “I think it is important to have a business foundation,” she said. “Dental schools don’t teach about business. I learned first-hand about insurance and making appointments.”

“I watched aircraft take off and land, and I learned how software was developed,” commented Frank Capasso, who worked at an engineering firm.

This year, the WISE Program faced challenges due to COVID-19; still, advisor Julie Meyers placed all students in person or remotely at a location. Several students created ‘passion projects’ like films and blogs where they researched a topic and presented it at the showcase.

Meyers looked with pride at the students who gathered on the football field to make their presentations. “I am thrilled that we were able to conduct a WISE program this year. I want to thank Dr. Capuano and the administration, who understand the value of this project. Our students can utilize their newly acquired knowledge in their studies and careers.”

Meyers would also like to thank all the sponsors and mentors who guided the students throughout the process. To sponsor a student next year, please email Ms. Meyers at