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Classroom Corner: Veteran's Day Recognition

Last week, teachers across the district recognized Veteran's Day in their classrooms. Adriana Chiappelli, a first-grade teacher at Waverly, and Deanna Santoro, a fifth-grade teacher at Anne Hutchinson, come to mind.
In Chiappelli's class, students discussed the importance of Veteran's Day and brainstormed reasons to be thankful including the freedoms enjoyed in the United States thanks to those who served and continue to serve. See some of her students pictured above.
Santoro's class dedicated time making cards for veteran and Eastchester resident, Mr. Anthony Durso. Durso's daughter reached out to one of the class moms because she hadmissed the deadline for the Veteran's banners made for him and he was feeling down about it. Santoro's students quickly rose to the occasion, got crafty, and made beautiful cards that honored Durso for his service. He was very gracious.
Thank you to all the teachers and students across the district for acknowledging our veterans and active service members. Most of all, thank you again to ALL those who serve to protect our freedoms!
Veterans Day pictures being held by kids
veteran receiving cards written to honor his service