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Feb. 15 Bond Referendum: Your One-Stop Shop

On February 15, 2022, the Eastchester Union Free School District community will vote on a bond referendum to address the needs of aging buildings and the health and safety of all students, faculty and staff. Through needed updates and improvements, this two-part proposal will allow us to adapt to the concerns of modern times and remain committed to our mission to “provide a quality education in a safe, stable and secure environment.”

This page will serve as your one-stop shop for all information pertaining to the bond. We encourage all voters to educate themselves by reviewing what’s on this page. Hopefully, what we’ve laid out will help you make the best decision on how to move forward.

As noted above, this capital project calls for investments in two separate propositions.

Below is the breakdown:


Printed Newsletter 

A printed newsletter will be mailed in-home on or around February 7, 2022 with more details including FAQs and a detailed scope of the work. 


Presentations & Other Useful Info

At recent Board of Education meetings, Superintendent of Business Lisa Sanfilippo and a team of architects from MEMASI and contractors from Arris, Inc., who will be spear-heading this project if approved, gave the following presentations to the public. Click on each header for the presentation. 

Bond Proposal Planning

Scope Diagrams

Capital Construction Process: A General Overview


Tours of Our Facilities: Register Now!

We are offering in-person tours of our facilities so that community members can see the condition of our infrastructure firsthand as well as the other items that this bond will address.

We can accommodate approximately 15 people per tour and they will be beginning on January 10, 2022 leading up to the vote on February 15, 2022. 

Below is a link to the tour schedule. Click on the header. 

Tour Schedule

Below is a link to register. Click on the button. 





Voter Registration 

- Follow this link for a Voter Registration form. 

- Follow this link for a Voter Registration form (in Spanish). 


Absentee Ballots

- Click here for more information on absentee ballots.