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Eagle's Eye View (Part One): Pushing Onward with a Plan ~ COVID Guidelines & Resources

In part one of the latest segment of Eagle's Eye View, Superintendent Rob Glass welcomes back students and staff with an update on the District's commitment to safe, in-person learning including a multi-pronged strategy to propel us forward in the New Year and beyond and the resources available to school community members. Click the image above to watch.

Below are quick links to the resources available to families:

  • Has your child recently tested positive for COVID-19? Click here to let the school know 24/7.
  • Get peace of mind: Sign up here for a free, weekly at-home PCR test through our Mount Sinai Surveillance Testing Program.

Please note that these resources are also located on our website. You can report your child's positive COVID test or sign up for the Surveillance Testing Program directly from the homepage.

  • Additionally, you do not need to register for the Test to Stay Program until it is necessary for your child to participate. However, you can register here at any time.