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Anne Hutchinson Students Host Art Show

There were Tim Burton-inspired self-portraits, exercises in impressionist and abstract styles, and clay sculptures of pastries that were so life-like, the exhibit came with a sign warning guests that these snacks were not for consumption. 

All of these artworks were on display last week at the Anne Hutchinson Elementary School gymnasium for the annual end-of-the-year exhibit. The exhibit showcased a wide range of mediums and artistic styles.

Anne Hutchinson art teacher Gina D’Orazio said that working in different types of mediums can be beneficial, especially for younger students, and that the being exposed to a variety of art styles at a young age can have an impact on a child later in life. 

“Especially with the clay, it’s good for them to have that 3-D sensory experience,” said D’Orazio. “But I also stress to my students that everyone has their thing, their area that they are proficient in, but no matter what, we can all learn to appreciate art.”

D’Orazio also believes that providing students with the chance to see what their schoolmates are working on motivate them to embark on their own future masterpieces.

“When they come in and see other grades’ clay projects drying, they’re like ‘What grade do we get to do this?’ or ‘When do we get to do that?’” said D’Orazio. “They can look forward to that now, they expect to do certain things and they get excited for it.”