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EHS Holds Club Fair

From performing arts to student government, from dance to business, Eastchester High School students have no shortage of interests outside the classroom.

That much was evident on Thursday, Sept. 15, when EHS held its beginning-of-the-year Club Fair to promote the various extracurricular activities that are available to the student body. 

During Thursday’s lunch periods, representatives from Eastchester’s clubs set up shop in the gym to speak with curious fellow students—many of whom were freshmen—about the unique opportunities available for the members of each organization. 

Junior Matthew Thomson, who was stationed at the Habitat for Humanity booth, said that students were gravitating to the group’s display in order to get a better idea of how they might fit in with the overall vision of the non-profit organization that is dedicated to building and improving homes.

“I think the biggest part of [Habitat] is that you will definitely be doing something,” he said. “And there’s so much interaction here with the club, with building, with the environment, I think that people are attracted to that.”

Sophomore Teresa Holly, representing Eastchester’s Players Club, spoke with students about the many opportunities afforded to members of the theatrical group—even if being an on-stage performer wasn’t exactly what a new member might have in mind.

Holly originally joined the group as a sixth-grader, working with props backstage during performances before eventually working up through the ranks to become a sound technician. 

“I always liked the idea of working behind the scenes building stuff and working on stuff,” said Holly. “I’ve never had a bad experience with anyone in the club, I’m friends with just about all of them, and I’m just excited to be working on the shows again.”

As prospective group members mulled their options on Thursday, Thomson said that the event was a testament to Eastchester’s sense of community. Regardless of what organizations a student decided to join, he said, the idea of community was on full display. 

“It’s great now that we have the ability to really build these clubs because we get to see everyone interacting,” he said. “Now that we have opportunities to be together, we are trying to make the most of them.”