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"The Play That Goes Wrong" Opens Friday, Nov. 17

After months of rehearsals and laborious work behind the scenes, the Eastchester High School Players Club is ready to unveil its fall comedy this weekend as they launch “The Play That Goes Wrong,” for a three-performance run.


Perhaps the most ambitious production ever tackled by the Players Club, “The Play That Goes Wrong” is a sidesplittingly good time, full of twists, turns and mayhem that cast and crew promise will have audiences howling. 


The 2012 farce—which debuted on Broadway in 2017—follows an acting troupe attempting to stage a performance of the fictional “The Murder at Haversham Manor.” As the play-within-a-play unfolds, the cast and crew are forced to deal with a myriad of mishaps from flubbed lines to uncooperative props, setting in motion a tumultuous comedy of errors.


11th grader Jack Salcito, who plays Chris Bean/Inspector Carter, believes the production’s unique staging and comic set pieces ensure that it will be a true crowd-pleaser in every sense.


“I think audiences are going to be VERY surprised when they come because they’re probably going to think this is like a typical high school show,” he said. “There are a lot of things we are doing that are very impressive and above the level of a typical high school show, and I feel very proud of everything we have been able to do.”


“The Play That Goes Wrong” will open on Friday Nov. 17, with additional performances scheduled for Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. For showtimes and tickets, please visit