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EHS Jazz Co. Celebrates 40 Years This Weekend

On Thursday afternoon, members of EHS Jazz Co. took the stage for a crowd of elementary school students, officially kicking off the club’s annual Weekend of Dance. 


As Jazz Co.’s dancers twirled on the stage, the youngsters in the audience looked on in awe, evidence that the high school students were inspiring future generations of Jazz Co, with their routines. 


In many ways, Thursday’s performance did much to set the tone for this weekend’s over-arching theme, which sees the long-standing club celebrating its rich history.


The 40th Anniversary of Jazz Co.’s first Weekend of Dance promises to be a unique affair, as the club takes an opportunity to look back on the impact it has had on the Eastchester community over the years. In addition to performances by current high school Jazz Co. members, the three-day dance festival will also feature the triumphant returns of dozens of Jazz Co. alumni, something that puts the club’s long run into perspective for today’s high schoolers. 


“It’s really great, it’s so awesome to see everyone come back from years past,” said Jazz Co. President Ellie Baker. “There are 12 past presidents coming back and it’s great to hear about the old memories, the experiences that they had, and to show them what the club is like now.”


The idea of connecting generations is something that isn’t lost on club vice president Rebecca Chertok, who remembers watching Jazz Co. performances as a youngster and is honored to share her passion for the club not only with returning alumni, but with the district’s elementary school students. 


“I used to come to the Jazz Co. performances all the time as a little kid, and when I came to the high school and found out more about the club, I realized I totally had to join,” said Chertok. “And with the alumni coming back, you want to show them how amazing this club still is and show that great memories are still being made here.”


EHS Jazz Co. will hold three performances this weekend, taking the stage on Friday and Saturday night at 7 p.m. and putting on a Sunday matinee which will begin at 1 p.m. 


Jazz Co. members hint that—in addition to special performances by alumni—there will be a few big surprises for those in attendance and terrific routines that show off all the hard work the students have put in over the last few months.


“It’s definitely exciting but there’s a little bit of stress too,” said Chertok. “But we know all of our hard work is going to pay off this weekend.”


To purchase tickets for EHS Jazz Co.’s 40th Weekend of Dance, please click HERE.