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Waverly Kindergarteners Celebrate Season with Spring Concert

After months of musical instruction, Waverly’s kindergarten students had a chance to shine in front of an audience this week, as parents and family members filled the school’s cafeteria for five performances featuring Eastchester’s youngest learners.


The Waverly Spring Concert series was held on April 18 and 19 and featured school staples like “I Love Waverly” as well as several seasonal-themed ditties that celebrated the beginning of Spring. Waverly music teacher Katherine Ness said that the performance gives parents some insight into the work that has been done in the music classroom this year.


“Starting in September, work on a lot of fundamental music skills using our singing voices and feeling the beat and we start working specifically on the concert songs around February,” said Ness. “We try to add a new song each week, work on memorizing the words as we get closer to the concert, so it’s about a 2-3 month process to get them ready.”


The kindergarten concerts also incorporated movement into the performances, as students took turns using egg-shakers, flowers and colorful scarves to help bring the songs to life. Utilizing these tools to reinforce musical lessons is integral to early elementary music instruction, explained Ness.


“It’s really essential for them, as they’re learning about music, to be able to move as much as possible to the beat,” she said. “Especially for younger kids, using movement and things that they can hold onto with their hands can help to make it more engaging and exciting.”


Ness commended her students for their wonderful first performances and said that even though this week’s concerts would mark the only scheduled performance for Eastchester’s kindergarten classes this year, the students will continue to build on the lessons they have been learning this spring. Next year, as first graders, students will perform at both the Winter Concert and at the end-of-the-year Moving Up Ceremony.


“It’s a very special performance for the kids and you can see the smiles on their faces when they see their parents and the smiles on the parents’ faces when they see their children singing,” said Ness. “The parents are so proud of what their children have accomplished since they started kindergarten in the fall.”