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2024-2025 EUFSD Budget Passes

On May 21, the Eastchester community turned out for the annual School Budget/Board of Trustees vote, passing the 2024-2025 budget by a comfortable margin and re-electing three incumbents to three-year terms on the Eastchester School Board. 


1,976 voters cast their ballots this year, with 1,222 supporting the school budget, and 754 opposing it. 


With 62% of voters voting “YES” to the budget—up 2% from last year—EUFSD Superintendent Dr. Ronald Valenti said residents are steadfast in their support of the district’s efforts to continue the growth of Eastchester’s schools and believe that students—both present and future—will be the ultimate beneficiaries of the expansion of programs like Foreign Language in Elementary Schools and continued improvements to institutional and classroom technologies. 


“Thank you to all who voted ‘Yes’ on behalf of the children of Eastchester,” said Dr. Valenti. “We see a growing confidence in our budget and in the programs that we are proposing for our students, and we hope to see that affirmative vote grow in the future.”


In the six-person Board of Trustees election, all three incumbents—Jacqueline Di Marco (1,043 votes), Christina Geagan (1,032) and Christie McCloskey (1,013)—held onto their seats, earning new three-year terms that will expire on June 1, 2027.


Thank you to everyone who made this year’s vote possible, including—but not limited to—John Kugler and his security team, Robert Jacoby and the technology department, Elliot Sheldon and the facilities crew, and the certified election inspectors for their tireless work throughout the course of the day.


We would also like to acknowledge the faculty and staff of Eastchester Middle School for their support in accommodating this important community event.



2024-2025 School Budget Vote Results


YES (1,222)

NO (754)



Board of Trustees Election Results


Jacqueline DiMarco (1,043)

Christina Geagan (1,032)

Christie McCloskey (1,013)

Kathryn Weiss (925)

Jessica Beach (901)

Lorraine De La Parra (883)