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Seniors Receive Copies of 'Le Souvenir'

‘Le Souvenir’ has long been the ultimate keepsake for Eastchester High School students: a yearbook that serves as a testament to a specific time and place in the school’s history and a celebration of the learning and laughing that has filled the high school each year. 


On Tuesday afternoon, EHS seniors celebrated the release of the 2024 ‘Le Souvenir’—and the 100th edition of the publication—as they hurriedly pored through the pages of the gold-leaf book, scrawling messages of friendships and well-wishes in their classmates’ copies at a distribution/signing event that took place in the high school cafeteria. 


12th grader Mia Faustini has served as the editor-in-chief of ‘Le Souvenir’ for the last two years and said that seeing the finished product was a thrill for her and the rest of the yearbook staff who have been toiling to put the book together since September. 


Faustini said that seeing her classmates thumb through the book—adorned with a gold jacket and a ’24 Karat’ cover inscription befitting the centennial anniversary of the publication—made the long hours and hard work throughout the year worth it.


She feels especially connected to this year’s edition, considering it will be among her final mementos from her time within the Eastchester School District. 


This is a really special edition, our 100th, and Im really happy that this coincided with my senior year,” said Faustini. Both years took a tremendous amount of work, but this one was special to me as a senior because its my last year.”


While 12th graders have already gotten a chance to see their high school memories on the pages of ‘Le Souvenir’, other high school students will have that opportunity next week, as distribution to the rest of the student body will take place on June 10 and 11.