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WISE Interns Get First-Hand Look at School Technology

Eastchester’s technology department has had a few extra helping hands over the last several weeks, as five EHS seniors opted to use their WISE internships to dip their toes into the world of Information and Instructional Technology. 


The WISE (Wide-ranging Interest-based Senior Experience) Program affords district seniors the opportunity to spend the last 4-6 weeks of the school year gaining experience in a field of their choice, either through unpaid internships or passion projects. 


After one student chose to work alongside the technology department last year, that number has swelled in 2024, as five seniors—Connor Buckley, Julien Polycarpe, Giancarlo Luongo, Korben Lubner and Owen Adamson—have decided to get some hands-on IT experience within the confines of the district’s buildings.


Each of the five students say that their passion for computers—and their initial thoughts about pursuing a technological field of study in college—made an internship within the district seem like an appealing prospect. 


“I’m planning to major in computer science in college, and I thought this seemed like the best way to get a better idea of how this all worked,” explained Buckley. 


“I’ve been interested in technology my entire life, and when I spoke to [WISE Supervisor Julie] Meyers about what I wanted to do, she pointed me to the technology department,” added Polycarpe. “It really turned out to be a no-brainer.”


As interns on Eastchester’s Technology Team, the quintet has embarked on a number of projects under the tutelage of Director of Technology Robert Jacoby and Network Specialist Luis Lopez. From installing operating systems and applications on the school’s Surface Pro tablets to assisting teachers with classroom technology setups, the seniors say that they are gaining a newfound appreciation for just how integral technology is to the everyday health of a school district.


“The IT department here does so many things that I never thought about and kind of took for granted,” said Buckley. “From the security cameras to all the new doors being installed and the locks on the doors, plus the graduation live streams, they have a hand in everything.”


“Being able to see the backbone of the entire school is such a cool experience,” added Adamson. “So many things in the district are based on technology and seeing what it takes to keep everything up-and-running, all the server rooms, all the wires, it’s really interesting.”


Lopez, who has worked closely with the seniors during the course of their internship, has been impressed with the know-how of his young helpers and said he has been thrilled to watch their growth as they have gained experience and taken on more responsibility.


“The thing that has given me the most satisfaction is seeing them learning something new every day,” said Lopez. “If they choose to go into IT as a career and they’re asked to do something in the real world, they are going to be confident in their abilities because they will already have that experience.” 


Jacoby echoed that sentiment.


“We are so happy to host these seniors in their final weeks in the EUFSD, and the education that our teachers have provided these students has truly resulted in dedicated, motivated, intelligent and respectful people," he said. "Seeing them in action in the workplace makes me feel incredibly confident about their futures in their careers.”