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'For Our Children' - The Writing Revolution and Instructional Technology

TWR: The Writing Revolution


Writing is as essential to student success and college/career readiness, as are the skills of reading, speaking and listening. Moreover, research studies have confirmed effective communication skills form the foundation of career success and future career growth. 


Next year, we will be finalizing our three year plan to strengthen K-12 student writing skills using a nationally acclaimed approach to systematic and structured writing known as The Writing Revolution (TWR).


Similar to the science of reading and math, the science of writing begins with simple sentences and then advances to one paragraph, several paragraphs and finally to essays across genres of narration, persuasion and related writing types. Teachers across major subject areas are trained to assist students through this logical and systematic development of formulating ideas into clear, precise written statements. 


Next year's budget of $200,000 for TWR purchases teacher training, at every grade level, because whether you are in Kindergarten or Grade 12, meaningful and practiced writing opens the gateway to professional achievement and career success. 


K-12 Technology 


One of my first observations when appointed school superintendent in July 2022 was that classroom technology lagged behind other initiatives. Annual budgets were deprived of adequate funds for 21st century technology. The $75M capital bond did not include the funding necessary to revitalize a dilapidating system of network infrastructure. 


This year’s budget addressed this large deficit by allocating $939,055 to bring innovative technology into our classrooms and supporting long overdue work on our network infrastructure. 


Despite our best efforts this year, an additional $2.3M needs to be invested to bring Eastchester to 100% competitive capacity. 


Working with our Director of Technology, Robert Jacoby, and his dedicated network team, we have devised a three year plan. 


In the first year, we will use lease purchase agreements to bring every classroom up to the instructional standards of 21st century classroom technology by this September 2024. Over the next two years we will upgrade all schools’ network infrastructures—the backroom and wireless cabinets so necessary to effective network access. 


Our multi-year payment plan will cost $374,736 next budget year. Using state aid on both infrastructure and classroom technology investments we will conclude payments by 2029. 


The huge advantage is that our students benefit as soon as this September using this lease purchase agreement to secure all equipment up front.