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Congrats to Mary Roche-Poetry Finalist

Students in the English Honor Society recently entered a poetry competition hosted by the Pulitzer Center, an organization that raises awareness of underreported global issues through direct support for quality journalism.  The Pulitzer Center offers an annual poetry competition challenging students to write an original poem using lines from a chosen article of journalism involving a contemporary topic.

This year the Pulitzer Center received poems from students in not only the United States, but in eleven countries across the globe.  19 of these 725 entrants were chosen as finalists.

If you see Mary Roche, congratulate her as being one of those 19 for her submission of “The olive-tree apocalypse,” which explores the plight of one farmer struggling to save olive trees in Scorrano, Italy, from a devastating bacterial infection.

Here's a link to the article which inspired Mary's work ( as well as one for her poem itself (